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Welcome to #Outnumbered, the everyday life blog hosted and created by yours truly, Robin, mom of 3, military spouse extraordinaire, and aspiring writer.  My hobbies include repeating everything, never getting to use the bathroom alone, getting to check out all the public bathrooms in the United States, daydreaming about bedtime, counting to 3, and the two hours in the day that I get choose between writing, blogging, or reading.

Ah, the joys of being outnumbered.  They say that having children is the hardest most awesome job that you’ll ever love, and honestly my emphasis here is on hardest!  Motherhood is the most unpredictable journey that a woman can ever go on during her lifetime.  Bundle that with marriage, career, friends, and hobbies, it can seem impossible to get anything done.  Wine anyone?  But throughout the craziness, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything else in the world… except maybe free Hamilton tickets….if you knew how much those suckers cost, you’d consider it too!

So this is my blog.  And I promise it’s not all kids all the time.  Every now and again, I like to throw in a curve ball, just to keep things interesting!  So what are you waiting for?  Journey along with me throughout a life outnumbered.



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