Identity, The Personal Journey

September 2.

I’m 30!  I tell ya, September really snuck up on me there!  And of course, all week I’ve been hearing funny things about my age… particularly from one Mr. Norman Davis, Jr.  But I’m actually revel in the fact that I have officially left my 20s.  I look forward to a new decade of fresh starts and an evolution of who Robin Davis is.  Many people use their 20s to discover who they are and what they are supposed to do with the rest of their life.  I chose a different path in starting a family and finding my initial identity as a wife and mother.  It is perfect then that the last major thing that I accomplished in my 20s was attaining my master’s degree; and I feel that that action is the perfect bridge into finding my professional identity in my 30s.  I greet my 30’s with an optimism that I don’t think I had when I turned 20.  I greet my 30’s with an open mind and an empty plate, staring at the buffet of potential opportunities that stand before me.  I greet my 30’s as a mother, although still learning, is one hell of a time manager and multi-tasker, taking equal time to care for 3 very different children as well as a husband (who you might count as a 4th child wink wink).  I greet my 30s understanding that whatever trials might happen in the ten years allotted is not necessarily the end of the world but merely the set up for a comeback.  I greet my 30s with a comeback attitude to not let the mistakes I made and the tribulations I faced during my 20s not define me but refine me into the complete woman who God has designed me to be.  For He knew my path before I came into being and despite that path being off the broken path, I have accomplished what He has planned for me. So bring on 30!  I’m going to make this next chapter in my life one for the books!

1927707_514341747933_8693_n 11705221_10100233890329535_5550293783724384394_n

Me at the far end of 20                                                   Me a few weeks ago with my sidekicks

(I miss that little Ford Focus)

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