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Hold On, Let Me Grab My Oils…


Something has radically changed in the time since I discovered I was pregnant with my beautiful Maya.  As I got deeper and deeper into my pregnancy with her I found myself wanting to try more natural approaches to doing various things.  The first decision I made was to have a natural childbirth and knew I could only accomplish such a task by hiring a doula, which was my second “natural” decision.  Upon meeting Jenna, the most awesome doula in the wide world, I was then introduced into the world of essential oils.  My doula had briefly explained how she used certain oils and blends to help with inducing labor, stimulating regular contractions, the labor and delivery, and the afterbirth, not to mention all the post partum ouches and owies.  And I’d have to say that going to my neighbor’s and best friend’s class in January of this year further cemented the deal.  I learned how these oils were going to be so good for my mood and my pregnancy and my baby and my children and my husband, and my home, and everything else in my life and instantly I had to try them.  Turns out they worked pretty well. I invested into a potential business opportunity while simultaneously empowering my healthcare choices.  I now had options besides going to the medicine cabinet or driving up to the nearest urgent care.

Essential oils are the oils found naturally in various plants such as lemon or cypress trees. These oils give these plants their distinctive smells, colors, and fragrances. And they can be used for anything in a number of ways.  Feel a cold coming on? Better grab some peppermint, oregano, and lemon.  Is your 5 year old giving you the business because he doesn’t want to do his homework?  Don’t pull your hair out just yet!  Grab your peppermint and wild orange to help him focus and rub some Balance on the back of his neck.  Can’t figure out why your kitchen still smells like chicken after your huge family dinner the other night.  Diffuse some lemon to help cleanse that place out!  Is that dag gone vog back again?  Better grab your allergy blend!


There are so many uses for these oils that it’s hard to explain them all.  But as for me, I can attest to their ability to work.  Anyone who knows me knows that my kids have struggled with speech for as long as my son could run around.  I have been to specialist after specialist, dealt with evaluation after evaluation, sat through testing after testing, and diagnosis after diagnosis more times than I wish to recall.  I was so tired of watching my children act out in sheer frustration simply because we couldn’t understand what they needed or wanted from us.  I was tired of pumping Zyrtec into my son twice a day and Benadryl once a night simply because he was mouth breathing and this could possibly be affecting his speech.  I was tired of having to drag my daughter to counseling and doctor appointments because I couldn’t understand why she just couldn’t behave.  I was just too through.  So after hearing about the crazy wonderful benefits of these oils and their diverse uses.  I figured “hey it couldn’t hurt to try this.  After all, if anything, at least my house would smell nice, right?  So I invested and prayed and invested and prayed.  After I got the hang of using these things, I began to play around with different oils, creating different blends for different uses.  Whenever my kids are moody, I rub a dab of my Monster blend to the back of their necks, composed of a Grounding blend, Lavender, and Wild Orange.  In order to protect my kids from all the germs that run rampant in the schools, I rub their feet with my own Immune Booster, made from Wild Orange, Lemon, Melaleuca, and Peppermint.  I always diffuse a mixture of my Respiratory blend and Lavender to help my son sleep while alleviating what seems to be a perpetual congested nose.

And we have a definite skin problem in our house- eczema that is.  I found that a blend consisting of Geranium, Lavender, and Melaleuca stops break outs and itchy, dry skin in its tracks!  Of course with the littles, always make sure to dilute with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil.

The oils also worked wonders for my entire labor and delivery.  I began to rub a mixture of Geranium and Clary Sage on my ankles about 5 days before I gave birth.  During labor, my doula diffused various blends that included Grounding blend and Lavender that helped me focus and relax during even the most painful contraction.  Upon the birth of Maya, she proceeded to rub a mixture of Helichrysum and Frankincense on her head to help prevent bruising and tearing that could occur.  And Maya smelled amazing for days because of this (even after her bath!)  I used this same mixture to assist with the postpartum healing process and was walking “normal” in about 4 days after birth.

I use my oils everyday. I diffuse them, ingest them, and apply them topically.  I take them everywhere I go, and use them in every room of my home. I use them when there stomach troubles, tempers flaring , or when certain preschool aged individuals need a nap . They have become a part of my daily routine and it feels so good to finally have an option that empowers me to take charge of my family’s healthcare needs.  I can be a better advocate for my children because I know I am giving them a wonderful tool in helping them make better, more natural healthcare choices for themselves.  Now, I haven’t thrown out the Tylenol and still believe that if you have pneumonia, you probably should go see your doctor.  But I love knowing that I have another option to provide to my family.

If I have peeked your interest in these oils at all (and I pray that I have!)  Please feel free to contact me to find out how I can help you learn more about the oils and how to get them into your home today!

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