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Davis Family, Next Stop…

For those of you who follow me or know me personally, y’all know that I am married to an active duty soldier in the US Army, which means that we get the privilege (and sometimes pain) of moving around quite a bit.  Every three years (although it could be more or less than) active duty service members will receive orders to a new duty station.  And since we are coming up on our 3rd year in Hawaii, we knew our time was coming soon.  I was anxious to know where we were heading to next as early as last December.  Since graduating with my masters last summer, I am itching to put it to good use and really hoped for a place with a strong economy.  Strong economy means more career opportunities for spouses like me.  I was also anxious to learn about schools in the area, hoping and praying that they would be better than the schools here.  I hoped for good options for the kids’ speech services, as well as fun things to do around the area.  You know, every thing every military spouse has on their PCS (permanent change of station) wish list.

At the beginning of the year, my husband began communications with his career counselor about which installations had openings for both his field and his rank.  Priority number one for both my husband and myself was to find a place that was going to help boost his career; a place that offered opportunities for him to increase his military education (as his civilian education was maxed out) and be able to earn more points toward a promotion.  And to be  honest, everything else I listed in the paragraph above came second to that.  His counselor gave him a list of possible openings which at the time included North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  We really hoped for somewhere more towards the east coast to be closer to family.  However after much speculation, perpetual research (on my end), and lots of praying, we finally received our answer.

I was in the commissary when my husband called and right away said “Looks like it’s going to be…. Carson!”


I smiled at the news as I have heard nothing but positive things about Fort Carson, located in the Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak area, about an hour south of Denver.  To be honest, I felt like it was going to be Carson because it was also a possible place that my husband’s career counselor had told him about.  So there it is, our official announcement.  The Davis Family is heading to Ft. Carson, CO and I couldn’t be more excited.  And although we were hoping to be closer to family, Colorado is a hell of a lot closer than Hawaii!  Flights are also cheaper too (hint hint friends and family 😉  ). Overall, I’m so excited for our next adventure in Ski Country, USA.

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