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And another one makes her trip around the sun…


She’s 6, you guys!!! 6!!!!

I’m sure there were several of you out in Facebook land that wondered why in the world I hadn’t said anything in regards to Miss Layla’s birthday on Friday.  It’s simple… I’m just not into Facebook anymore.  But I haven’t forgotten my middle’s child’s special day!  Layla turned the big 6 today and today marked the first time in a while she was excited and happy all day long!  She has accomplished so much in the last year:  She finished her first year of Kindergarten, reading at almost a 2nd grade level (She can now read chapter books on her own… when she wants to, of course!)  She graduated from Speech therapy.  And she successfully completed her first year of an organized sport- soccer!  She also made her first school friends this past year, and completed her first year of Daisies!  She has grown so much but she has had her mishaps this year as well.  She was unsuccessful in attempting to give herself a big girl haircut- on which she promptly blamed her sister, and she’s had some difficulties with managing her behaviors when she gets frustrated.  However, when she is happy, she is very good and very fun to be around.  She loves all things girly, which has been a little hard for me since I was a tomboy growing up.  She loves dresses, dolls, glitter, jewelry, getting her hair and nails done… the whole shebang!  And aside from the normal spats that brothers and sisters get into, she is a wonderful big sister and little sister at the same time.  I imagine that it must be difficult being a middle child, and she is doing her best to adjust.  She is very helpful when her brother is experiencing a hard time with his reading or school work, and she is awesome with helping her little sister learn to use the potty or when helping her to do little chores in their room.  She has been enthusiastic about having household responsibilities, such as helping to weed the yard or even washing the dishes.  The only thing she really hates is putting her clothes away… which is a relatively new gripe.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Layla is her love of music.  This girl has taken after me in that she can hear a song once… maybe twice and that’s a hard maybe… and know all the words the next time she hears it.  We call her “Jukebox Jane, Jr” since my husband as so affectionately called me “Sr”.  She loves musicals which is welcoming for me because it gives us something to enjoy together, since no one else really appreciates musicals in our house.  Lately, and much to the warmth of my heart, she has become fascinated with the music from Hamilton.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have a thing for Alexander and her wanting to learn the lyrics to this amazing show simply blows me away!  And even though it is challenging to find time to spend with just her, I do cherish our one on one time together because we can belt out show tunes together without any judgement!

My hope for my Layla in the coming year is that we can find her the right kind of support to help her with her behaviors so that she can realize all the potential that the good Lord has laid out for her.  She is so smart and has such a bright future and with the right guidance, she can really use her big personality to take over the world!  Shine bright, sweet beauty and happy, happy birthday!

1 thought on “And another one makes her trip around the sun…”

  1. Robin, I’m so glad to catch up on a little bit of your life! Layla turning 6 is a bit of a mind-blowing event, but they seem to be happening to me, these days, more and more! I have 11 Grands at this point, and they are all over the country, so I’m on the move quite a bit! I miss seeing your beautiful family grow, so think about an occasional FB post with the link to your blog…that would be awesome! I also miss your Mom! I’ve been heartbroken that she doesn’t want to be friends anymore! After more than 50 years, I don’t understand, but whatever her reasons, I hope she is well. Please tell her I send blessings. And blessings on you and your family! Please stay in touch!!!!!
    Aunt Maryanna


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