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The Speech Odyssey: Round 3

The rule of three suggests that "events or characters introduced in threes are more humorous, satisfying, or effective in execution."  I've always been fond of the number 3 because of its "round-ness"... things just always seem more complete when they come in threes.  It's why I wanted to have 3 children.  But just as "three… Continue reading The Speech Odyssey: Round 3

Mom Life, Parenting, The Momming Journey

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself- You’re a Good Mom

In the last few years, I have experienced a whirlwind of change. All within a decade's time, I lost my father, graduated from college, moved 3 times, had 3 different jobs, got married, had 3 kids, started, withdrew, changed majors, and finally graduated from graduate school, and became a military spouse.  These events have had a… Continue reading Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself- You’re a Good Mom