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Handling the Transition

*Written June 2018 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “So, I close my eyes to old ends And open my heart to new beginnings.” It is roughly 7am and my daughters awakes as she does everyday at the same time asking for something to eat. I instruct her to use the bathroom and wash her face while barely opening my… Continue reading Handling the Transition

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Diagnosis: Take Two

My daughter, Layla, is a spitfire!  She has so much spirit and umph and is guaranteed to leave an impression on you.  She's a loving child, very affectionate and seeks affection in return.  She's entirely too smart for her own good, scoring advanced scores in reading and in spelling.  She is up for trying anything… Continue reading Diagnosis: Take Two

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Getting Through the Process

What started out as an obsession to make my son “better” turned into the responsibility as a parent to be the voice for my son that he didn’t have.  And it is a responsibility that I take very seriously.  My natural curiosity compelled me to study and learn the laws under the IDEA (Individuals with… Continue reading Getting Through the Process

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Living on the Spectrum

Post featured on Scary Mommy!!! I’ve been toying with the notion of writing about my son for a minute now.  But I was at a loss as to how I’d go about doing it.  They say you shouldn’t pick a favorite child… that each child is special and unique in their own way.  And this… Continue reading Living on the Spectrum

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The Speech Odyssey: Round 3

The rule of three suggests that "events or characters introduced in threes are more humorous, satisfying, or effective in execution."  I've always been fond of the number 3 because of its "round-ness"... things just always seem more complete when they come in threes.  It's why I wanted to have 3 children.  But just as "three… Continue reading The Speech Odyssey: Round 3