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“Why Do You Write Like You’re Running Out of Time?”

Ehh, because I am, Mr. Miranda… I really am… (please note the title is taken from song "Non Stop", from the incomparable Lin Manuel Miranda) Oh hello.  (In her best Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds voice) I’m so glad you managed to catch me in the midst of all my mess and chaos.  I’ve been gone for quite some… Continue reading “Why Do You Write Like You’re Running Out of Time?”

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This Old House

I've always liked watching home improvement shows.   I also liked watching shows in which people were looking for a new home.  I enjoyed the interactive aspect of it; and I often had an opinion about which homes were the best.  I never really fancied myself buying a house that needed work; I always said that painting would be… Continue reading This Old House

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Change isn’t always good…

It was the Spring of 1999.  I was about 2 years into being really really REALLY into a little band called *NSYNC.  I mean I was just about convinced that Justin Timberlake was going to be my lawfully wedded spouse one day and we'd live on a peaceful farm in the country, raising our 3 beautiful… Continue reading Change isn’t always good…