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It’s My Ghostaversary!

January 23, 2022.  A typical Sunday evening.  I was getting dinner ready while passively listening to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/LA Rams divisional playoff game playing in the background.  I only briefly glimpsed up toward the television when I saw a short preview of a show in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  It’s hard to say for sure what I thought of at that very moment, but I knew that this was a show I needed to at least learn about.  There was a dude dressed like Hamilton and I was immediately intrigued!  The rest, as they say, is history!

Now it’s exactly one year later.  The way this show has changed my life is nothing short of miraculous.  I know it seems daft to say so, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t so.  In this span of 365 days, I have joined a fantastic community that reconnected me with lost friends I haven’t spoken to in years. And all these amazing people not only tolerate my foolishness, they encourage it. These are my people.  They get me.  

Ghosts brings people together.

I rediscovered my voice.  While I consider myself a writer, the year prior to discovering Ghosts had been a tough one.  Our family experienced a lot of major life changes which in and of themselves presented a number of challenges.  I wasn’t motivated to write because I felt so overwhelmed and stayed so busy.  But after discovering this show, and having a number of meaningful interactions with other fans and some of the cast,   I was motivated to start writing again.  I also started a few series on Twitter wherein I learned more about my culture with #AlbertasNotes shared some fun ghostly wisdom (#LetterBoard Wisdom #ghostlywordsofwisdom), educated folks on how to have a successful marriage (#TipsForAHealthyMarriagewithGhosts), and learned people a thing or two about the joys of parenting (“Just Give Them Some Laundnam and Send Them Outside”).  I also speculated about the true nature of Bae with “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”  If you know me, you already know who Bae is.  Who knows how many more Ghosts-related projects I may have up my sleeves?  

Ghosts inspires.

And in finding my Twitter voice, I’ve also had to come face to face with the anxiety that accompanies the hope and work to attract attention.  I’ve never been one to deliberately seek it out, except for my basketball and track days.  And I tend to shy aware from the limelight when it does somehow find me.  But in following the show and meeting new people through the show, I have had to learn how to better manage expectations for the things I post.  I understand that not every post is going to hit, and not everyone is going to respond the way I’d hope.  And I know that it isn’t because I’m somehow less deserving than others.  But anxiety will make you think it is.  It’ll sneak into your mind and cause so many thoughts that don’t even make sense. My love of Ghosts and subsequently my wanting to discuss it with other fans and promote it to people who haven’t discovered it yet, has made me face this fear head-on.  And while there are still days that the anxiety hits hard, there are others where I’m able to pick myself up when a post doesn’t quite hit the mark and keep going.  

Ghosts changes lives

Find Ghosts has only increased my interest in all things supernatural and fantasy.  It’s so much fun to enter a world where the rules we know in the real world no longer apply.  Where anything is possible, and where falling down the stairs and busting your head leads to amazing, superpowers.  I’m just waiting until we meet some witches or vampires, or perhaps mutants?  Man the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait what or who happens next?

Ghosts is so much fun!

And finally and perhaps most important the most important thing to me about this show is its educational value.  Sure it’s a comedy and as such, there are plenty of laughs.  But Ghosts understands the responsibility it carries in featuring diverse characters.  In just two and half seasons, they’ve opened the door to the hard conversations about race, gender, socioeconomic background, ethnicity, and sexual orientation that this country still struggles with.  It’s made my children more excited to learn more about Native American culture, and we’ve done even more digging into our African American heritage as well.  Ghosts is a show for everyone because it tells so many different stories.  And they are all so important.  

Ghosts educates and is inclusive.

So Happy Ghostaversary to me.  May this story continue to blossom for years and years to come.  There’s still so much of it to tell!

Do you remember the first time you watched Ghosts and/or fell in love with it?  Let me know all about it in the comments!  Until then, stay Earthbound friends.

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