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I’ve always said the mark of a good comedy, you know the type of show that’s bound to be here for years and will go on to be talked about for generations, is the kind of comedy that elicits all the emotions.  These shows also aren’t afraid to explore diverse stories in a way that makes you think, then laugh, then think some more.  They aren’t afraid to have the hard and uncomfortable conversations.  They aren’t afraid to mix genres, even.  But a good show, a truly good show, tells a story that moves you.  It’ll hit on poignant themes and moments.  And if nothing else, you will get plenty of good material for a quality fan fic.  

Ghosts is one of those quirky shows that is such for all the right reasons.  It’s smart, well-written, mixes comedy with a dash of other genres, and features an ensemble cast who know how to play off each other, instead of overwhelming one another. No one person is bigger than the other here, and each character has had his or her chance to shine.  But what season one did was open the door to the world of possibility.  This is because Ghosts dances on the verge of fantasy.  I personally believe there are earth-bound spirits that surround us, but most people don’t and would claim that this show is largely fantasy.  Potato, potato, right?  If you didn’t see the end of season 1, sorry about what’s about to happen but to be fair to me, you’ve had a month sooooo….  At the end of the season, the main characters Samantha (the one who can see and hear the ghosts) and her husband, Jay (the one who cannot) finally open their B&B after a series of unfortunate incidents, I’ll call them.  They get through all the drama with their messy, hating ass neighbors, The Farnsbys, and get to welcome their very first guests.  And with season two on the horizon, there are so many stories to still explore without making everything repetitive and stale.  We’ve established ghost rules:  The ghosts cannot leave the property and the ghosts are not able to interact with their environment unless they are

  • 1. Trevor who can touch and move things but it takes the force that rivals childbirth to move even the smallest of objects
  • 2. Alberta who can project her voice into the land of the living
  • 3. Issac who produces an ungodly smell when walked through
  • 4. They find a way to possess a living being, ie: Hetty possessing Jay.

Otherwise, they are cursed to observe life for years and years with a hope that they might figure out what is holding them here, resolve said conflict, and be whisked away to a more heavenly plane of existence.  Last season, we also met all the ghosts and got to know how they were in life in some respects but not in all respects.  We also saw how Sam and Jay came to be in possession of this massive estate and watched as they stumbled yet survived the stressful road to entrepreneurship.  The stage has been set.  The characters have been created and dressed.  The relationships were introduced and nurtured.  Now the fun begins., CBS

So what can we expect in season 2.  According to one of the Joes (the showrunners and executive producers of Ghosts, “more of the same” but there will be opportunities to go even further.  To push even further. To explore deeper.  So as any decent writer does, I went to the Twitter-verse to ascertain what other fans of the show want to see next season.  Ears open, Joes and writers in the writing room.  Pay attention!, CBS
  • Sam is not the only one.  What does this mean, you might ask? The only one of what?  Well those who know me know me, know that I am a huge nerd.  I love staying in the world of make believe where super powers exist and there are people who have special abilities that have been genetically passed down.  I believe that Sam cannot be the only one with this ability.  And I refuse to believe it was a case of the oopsie daisies and magic and poof there’s a half-naked ghost standing in front of you.  Nope.  Not buying it.  Do you know how many people suffer from head injuries?  Who’s survived near-death experiences?  I, for one, was involved in a horrible car accident as a kid.  I’ve been hit in the head with a softball and a basketball.  And just about closed my head into my car trunk.  Don’t ask.  I might feel that something is about to happen (and this usually comes into fruition.  But I’ve never seen or talked to a ghost.  So I can speculate that the same has possibly happened in this universe, where maybe a chosen few have this ability.  Maybe it’s not so much the head injury or the near death experience.  Maybe there’s something more and that the fall acted as the key to open this skill.  In X-Men, mutants inherit their ability from their father’s genetic makeup.  Their ability is then dormant until adolescence and usually reveals itself during a state of great distress or following some kind of trauma.  Storm’s ability to manipulate the weather emerged shortly after an attempted rape.  I would say that falling down the stairs and going into a coma for two weeks is traumatic as well. So then it wouldn’t be strange if this ability was always inside her.   Perhaps this is something that was passed down to her, like in X-Men.  We’ve seen this before.  In fact, CBS has broadcasted something like this.  Ghost Whisperer, remember that, mid 2000s friends?  This show tells the story of Melinda Gordon, played by Hollywood’s best crier and screamer on cue, Jennifer Love Hewitt,  who is a small business owner with the ability to see and talk to ghosts.  She has had this gift all her life and not only her but both her parents and her grandmother possessed it as well.  She also passes it down to her son later in the series.  Her goal here was to help spirits find the light and cross over.  We’ve seen that Sam has formed an attachment to the ghosts and refused the possibility of breaking a supposed curse that the oldest ghost Thor placed on her at the beginning of the season (sorry again for the spoiler but you’ve had a month).  So what if the show explored that a little more?  Explored how close she’s gotten to the ghosts.  What will happen if and when it’s time for them to one by one cross over, or as the show calls it “get sucked off.”  How will she handle that?  Could she perhaps pull a bit from Scarlet Witch, fellow mutant, and maybe find a way to impose her will on her new friends, creating a reality in which they won’t want to go?  I know that went a little far but it’s fine.  How will her ability affect the relationship with her husband as he is perpetually out of the loop no matter how much Sam relays the play by play? We’ve already seen a slight hint at this as Jay prefers to watch basketball with Mark, the contractor, who’s alive over watching the games with Pete, who’s dead.  I’m sure he likes Pete just fine but I imagine it’s frustrating not being able to physically interact with someone. And of course, we’ve seen Jay be supportive and loving so far, and I’m not saying that he won’t continue to be.  But men have egos.  We all know this.  And it can be hard for most guys to accept that their significant others, especially if they are female, are perhaps a little bit better than they are, a little more successful than they are.  Not to say Sam is in any way shape or form better than Jay.  But in his eyes, she’s a superhero.  He’s said it himself.  How long will it be until maybe we see the suggestion of envy.  After all, Jay now had a little accident of his own.  What if (and I think it’s more along the lines of when) he doesn’t get the same ability?  Will he really be as cool with Sam having this amazing gift while all Jay is left with is a nasty bruise and maybe some memory issues?  Talk about unfair!  Call me cynical or whatever but I’d like to see some conflict between these two.  I mean damn, aside from the little spat in the first episode and maybe some little disagreements here and there, they never fight.  If you’ve been married for long enough, you know that all couples fight.  It’s just what happens when you live with someone intimately for years on end.  This conflict is just what their relationship needs. We’ve also seen how Jay has noticed that Sam has all these new stress on her due to having to constantly help the ghosts all the time.  Is there ever a time for her to relax?  For self- care?  Most people who have a special ability or even just possess a quality that makes them different depend on a community of people with similar experiences.  But Sam doesn’t have that… yet.  I propose that there are other people with this ability. Earlier,  I proposed Sam has inherited this ability with the accident unlocking her powers.  I believe that as the B&B becomes more popular and as they continue to promote it, maybe a relative with a similar ability sees one of the ghosts on a commercial or maybe caught in the view of the camera, and feels the need to visit.  And I believe that with time, Sam will possess the ability to help our dearly departed souls find peace and cross over.  The question is, will she want to?
  • Murder She Wrote. Alberta is a force.  Periot.  She commands attention wherever she goes.  And her confidence outshines even the brightest star.  But there is still something keeping her here and I gather that some of it if not most stems from her untimely death.  Murder according to Dead Like Me, another supernatural from beyond the grave show that aired on Showtime, is considered to be an accidental death.  Something that takes people out of her before it’s their time to go.  It’s unnatural and so far, Alberta is the only one that we know of who was taken out deliberately before her time was up.  It’s time to solve this murder.  Before “Alberta’s Fan,” we were told that Alberta had a heart attack, something she refused to believe.  Now’s it’s been all but confirmed that she was murdered.  However the crime was never solved.  This isn’t surprising.  After all, the 20s, as well most of history, just sucked for Black people.  There have been moments of glory and fragments of positivity for our people over time.  The 20’s after all, was the height of the Harlem Renaissance, a time when many of our literary and artistic heroes came into the spotlight and imprinted their greatness onto the fabric of our nation.  But racism is an ugly disease and just as quickly as these stars rose, there were even more Black people being discriminated against, tortured, and killed.  Alberta talked about how she was not allowed to stay at the house where she was performing, but was expected to show up and entertain the White people who were allowed to stay there.  Black people were seen for their abilities, for what they could do for others, for how they could entertain others.  Black people were nothing more than decoration, if you will.  Knowing this, then, it is easy to understand why her death would’ve been written off as a heart attack, and nothing more, especially if her death came from the hands of a white person.  It’s unheard of that a white person would’ve been found guilty of, or even accused of, murdering a Black person.  And this story has played out over and over again, like a nightmarish video reel of our history.  It would be something special if Ghosts explored Alberta’s death in this lens, calling out the overt racism and hatred that plagued our country.  I submit that we even bring out the big guns out of Philadelphia… the Cold Case detectives who have solved cases from as far back as 1919.  I honestly just want to see this cast reunite you guys.  I am obsessed with Cold Case.  And I haven’t figured out how to explain them coming out of jurisdiction quite yet. All I know is that Alberta deserves answers, and if anyone can solve this case, it’s Lily Motherfucking Rush. Let’s see her get the justice she deserves, or at least some closure and peace. #JusticeforAlberta  #PutBlackWritersInTheRoomWhereItHappens, CBS
  • How exactly did Sasappis and Hetty die?  When I went on the Twitter and asked my fellow ghosties what stories they want to see next season, the overwhelming majority spoke up for Sasappis, or Sas, and Hetty.  We’ve seen or heard of how the other ghosts died. But Sas and Hetty are still sitting in the back of the class, with their hands up, y’all.  What’s so confusing about their untimely passing is that they have not a mark on them.  Not a clue of how two younger individuals would’ve died so suddenly.  Some have theorized illness, a death fall, some kind of consumption.  But there have been no leads really.  Sas who looks to be about 16 or 17 is who I have the most questions about.  Just a day before he died, he spoke with his father about wanting to be a storyteller and was preparing for his storytelling debut which was to be the next evening.  But it never happened because God called the young man home.  We know that he lived in the 1500s and by that time Europeans had begun invading Native land and one thing they brought with them was disease.  But there are no signs of disease that would’ve killed him in 24 hours, lest he was sick and just didn’t show any signs.  There was also no evidence of  injury, no signs of weapon wounds, no signs of an animal attack.  We could theorize that maybe he choked on something, or perhaps he had an allergic reaction to something, but that would be a sorry way for someone as epic as Sas to go out.  And then there’s Hetty.  I love Hetty.  Like I live for her subtle shade as she still attempts to try to be a nice person.  I appreciate the overall effort, Love.  Hetty is dressed as pristine as the life she put on for others.  She’s well kept, with no signs of rips or pulls on her dress.  There are no stains, or marks that might otherwise suggest foul play, and like Sas there is no evidence of injury, wounds, or illness.  The one thing I have speculated is that maybe she, like Trevor, took one elixir too many and her heart stopped that way.  She had a history during her life of taking cocaine and laudanum.  Perhaps a fatal dose or overdose did her in?  Let’s hope we find out soon!, CBS, CBS
  • Bring on the guests!  This was another popular want from not only fans, but the stars of the show as well.  One of the questions that was asked at PaleyFest was who the actors would love to see as guest stars on the show.  Well now the the B&B is officially open for business, there’s so much more opportunity to have those fantastic guest stars on the show, both portraying B&B guests and quite possibly other ghosts. The Woodstone estate is a huge property, and there undoubtedly are other spirits that haunt its perimeters.  Furthermore, we got to see a new ghost at the neighbors house in the season finale.  Is there something the Farnsby’s know that we don’t?  Is there’s a haunted house as well?  We do know there is bad blood between the Woodstones and the Farnsbys dating back before Hetty’s time even.  Could that somehow be linked with this ability to attract people to die on their land?  Admit it you guys, there are so many different ghosts of different times and different personalities all stuck on this property together forever.  Sure it helps make the show more appealing to a wider audience but still, there might be something else at play, maybe something a little more sinister.  Look, I know this is a comedy and it’s supposed to be fun.  But remember, a good comedy elicits all the emotions.  And touches on a variety of genres.  Why should horror miss out on all the fun?
  • More backstories please.  Season 1 got it right.  They gave just enough of a glimpse of the lives of our ghostly friends to get us interested and wanting to know more. Now as I name everything, I realize the show aims to focus on how the ghosts interact with each other and with the livings in the afterlife.  But how they got to the afterlife and why they are stuck in this endless purgatory must be explained with what their experiences were or what kind of person they were in life.  And there is so much more to these characters than what we’ve learned so far.   A couple of things I’d like to see are as follows:
  1. It’s my time to rise. It’s my time to shine.  Let’s find out more about Alberta’s youth and her journey to Harlem during the Great Migration, a time when many Black people moved from the South to the North for the possibility of more freedom, job opportunities, and overall a better life.  Many of us soon determined that was a lie.  But I’d love for the show to explore Alberta’s relationship with her father.  She strived to be great because she wanted to make him proud.  I’d like to learn more about her family’s experiences in the south compared to what she experienced in New York.  I’d be there for more name drops as I’m sure she came into contact with many of our Harlem Renaissance heroes.  And I’m curious as to how she coped with dying right at the start of her ascent into stardom and how she handles being the only Black woman in this house.  Alberta experienced racism in every form I’m sure.  It had to be hard for her to find a way to trust a house full of white people, at least in the beginning.  Moreover, we know that Alberta’s music was just coming into a rebirth, a renaissance if you will, thanks to that crazy ass Todd. I’m curious as to how she is taking her re-found fame. They should totally focus on how she began singing and inspired her to do it for a living. And since it’s known that Alberta died at the Woodstone Mansion, I wonder if we will meet some more fans, hopefully less crazy ones, that come to stay to pay homage to their dearly departed heroine.
  2. So much for your promises, they died the day you let me go.  We got to meet Pete’s wife, and low down “best friend” Jerry.  Y’all don’t get me started on Jerry.  But in case you missed it… you’ve had like 7 months… Pete’s wife Carol was messing around with the best friend Jerry while Pete was still alive.  This is like some talk show, 90s R&B stuff, you guys.  But there was a point where Pete and Carol were inseparable right.  I’m sure there was love there at some point.  But as a wife myself and as a mother, I know how hard relationships can get over time, especially when there are children involved.  Pete doesn’t come across as a man who came from money or who made his own millions.  And Carol is not a cold bitch.  My guess is that this marriage got stale for whatever reason, that Pete bored Carol with his love of monotony and routine.  Most women cheat because they crave the attention they are missing from their husbands, or because they are bored and yearn for excitement.  Not to defend her choices because honestly Carol could’ve picked anyone besides that low down Jerry.  But I’d like to see what happened to this marriage, why and how things got so bad, at least for her where she felt she had no other recourse than to run to Jerry’s bed.  I’d also like to see the true nature of Jerry and Pete’s relationship.  We know that Pete is a really really really nice guy.  Like painfully nice, like he will go naked in Alaska just to make sure you are warm wearing his clothes and coat, nice.  Do we think that maybe Jerry took advantage of him?  That maybe he always coveted the wife?  Or is Pete fooling us all?  Is Pete suffering from what’s typically known as “Nice Guy Syndrome?”   Maybe he wasn’t the most devoted husband we’ve painted him to be.  He was a child of divorce.  Maybe he just never had a good example of what marriage was supposed to be like.  Maybe he wanted a traditional marriage with traditional gender roles, while Carol yearned for more in life.  Maybe he had the things he liked to do and never thought to involve his wife or find time for his wife.  Maybe he got comfortable and no matter how much Carol tried to switch things up, he was too stubborn to change?  Pete’s still bae but I think there’s a side to him that we’ve yet to see.  
  3. Don’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look.  We know Hetty’s husband was and still is a douchebag.  Even in the pits of hell, I’m sure he’s giving Colonel Stinkmeaner a run for his money #obligatoryBoondocksreference.  Hetty was all but forced to marry her cousin to help keep a land deal together, or something to that nature.  She didn’t love Elias, and Elias, sure as hell didn’t love her.  It’s no surprise then, she found herself relying on substances to help her cope with the mess her life had become.  She was abused, emotionally, mentally, and I’m sure physically and sexually.  Forced to put on a smile in the presence of others. Manipulated and used by her own father for his own gain.  And taught to uphold beliefs that went against her own interest as a woman, an intelligent one at that.   And has a history of being emotionally neglected as a young girl.  By all accounts, Hetty’s life sucked. And hers points to the fact that money cannot buy happiness, no matter how you spend it.  Drugs and alcohol are commonly abused to mask internal pain and emptiness.  Hetty’s story is a sad one, but it is one we still see today.  What an opportunity to address the history of mental illness and wellness and the stigma that accompanies depression, anxiety, other related disorders, and its comorbidity with drugs and alcohol.  Hetty has come alive in her afterlife, opening her mind to new experiences and a diversity of lifestyles and cultures.  The relationship she has with her fourth great granddaughter needs to be explored further as she comes to understand, accept, embrace, and celebrate how far women have come, how much we can do, and the power that we all have.  I’d also like for her to continue to learn to use her voice and find a way to deal with the pain of her past so that she can find a way to be whole again.   She is woman, hear her roar!
  4. You’re a sunflower, I think your love would be too much. Flower’s got intimacy issues, man.  I don’t know about you but when she dropped that bombshell, I was like whoa!  Wait!  What?  Flower came into her own during the sexual revolution.  She saw the blossoming of the women’s liberation movement.  We don’t know much about her parents but maybe that’s where we start?  For someone to have intimacy issues, something had to have happened.  Did Flower’s parents divorced?  Were they even together?  Did Flower experience trauma at some point in her life?  We know that she was in a cult and commune.  Those two groups don’t have the greatest reputation for respecting women or children.  How did she go from playing basketball with her brothers to joining a freaking cult?  As we see Thor and Flower draw closer to one another, I’m sure this issue will again rear its head.  But our flower child, our daughter of love and peace, has got to find a way to get past whatever is holding her back from perhaps experiencing true love.  
  5. What will my legend become? I will forever be young.  Let’s tell Indigenous stories.  I love that Sas is a storyteller and he got his chance to tell his story for the first time in over 500 years. It’s not too late for Sas to be a storyteller; he already is one and I’d love to see this explored even further. Perhaps, Sam enlists his continual help in working on the B&Bs website. Maybe Sas can teach Sam a thing or five about using metaphors and finding inspiration in just about everything around us. I love that we are seeing more of our Native brothers and sisters in positive roles.  I love learning about all the diverse traditions of Indigenous people and I want to learn more about Sas and his Lenape heritage. I’d love for them to explore what his relationship with his father and mother was like (more Gregory Zaragoza, please and thank you!) I’d love to learn what he thought about the Europeans  arriving on his people’s land and how, or if, he has made sense of watching Native land be stolen.  Sas has lived a long time and has observed so so so much.  As a result he is possibly the wisest ghost in that mansion.  I’d love to see more on his relationship with Shiki in life and whether or not they will ever get to be together again.  
  6. Where did all the people go? They got scared when the lights went low. Poor Thor. He comes back to camp to find that his people have ditched him in a strange land. And they didn’t even leave a note! The audacity! The unmitigated gall! Not sure if I would call Vikings soldiers. But they did fight… a lot.  One part of the US Army’s soldier’s creed is to never leave a fallen comrade.  Now, Thor wasn’t fallen… yet, but we saw that when he came back to his tribe or clan, them dudes had bounced without him.  Not maybe it was as simple as he wandered off, was gone too long, and they presumed him dead.  But if this was the case, and as Sam asked, if they knew him to be dead, why didn’t they look for him?  Another possibility is that Thor’s clan was on the verge of attack and maybe fled for their lives?  This makes for a strong case since most of their belongings were left behind.  Maybe they didn’t have time to look for Thor.  Or perhaps there’s more to Thor’s relationship with his clan then we’ve been led to believe.  Maybe he was excommunicated in some way.  Could’ve been that his beliefs changed, or maybe he fell in love with a Native woman, or maybe it was something else that made these guys chuck up the deuces and bounce, leaving poor Thor to wander this unforgiving land on his own, leaving him only a squirrel to confide in. What really happened?
  7. You look so pretty but you’re gone so soon.  So we all saw how Trevor died and I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone.  What was surprising is how he lost his pants and I think we all fell in love with him a little more after that.  Who knew that he was such a sweetheart?  But what was the most heartbreaking part of that episode, at least for me, was the fact that his body was treated in such a disrespectful manner after his passing.  Y’all, this makes my blood boil. It’s right up there with the racism Alberta experienced and the whole Carol/Jerry foolery. While we don’t actually see what happens to him, we hear his supposed “friends’  agree to hide his body.  One of them mentioned dumping him in a nearby river or lake. Not one of them thought it would be the right thing to call for help.  This had to be a crime, right?  Like tampering with a dead body to cover up that one was up to super illegal shenanigans has to be a crime.  Well, in 2000, it actually was not!  And it wasn’t until 15 years later that New York state made it a crime to hide a dead body, punishable by up to four years in prison.  Now I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on this, but the saddest part is that Trevor’s family did not have a body to bury or remains to cremate.  The pain of losing a child is unbearable.  I’m assuming he was survived by his parents.  So for them not to have a body so that they can put their son to rest in a respectful way had to be earth shattering.  Trevor is Jewish and according to Jewish custom, the deceased is not supposed to be left alone from the time of death until the funeral. Traditionally a Jewish burial is supposed to take place within 24 hours of death.  The Torah says, “You shall bury him the same day…. His body should not remain all night.”   In our present age, with the exception of Orthodox communities, this may not always be the case. However, funerals and memorials should take place as soon as possible following the death. Was his family left to look for him for weeks, maybe months until they just presumed him dead as well?  Was his body found as some point?  Bodies in water, especially as “shallow” as a river or lake is compared to the ocean, will eventually wash ashore.  We saw a copy of the cover of his funeral or memorial program in the episode when Bela comes to visit.  And she did say he died 20 years ago.  As this episode aired in early 2022, 20 years would’ve been 2002.  But Trevor died in late 2000.  Now it could just be a case of estimating to the closest ten, something we all tend to do with years.  But perhaps she said 20 years ago because maybe that’s when they either found his remains or whenever they stopped looking for him and decided to memorialize his life. imagine you are this man’s mother or father, not knowing what happened to your son.  Not being able to find him for possibly weeks or months.  Possibly having to rely on dental records to identify him or even if there are still some remnants of a body, having to identify something not even close to what your child was.  Imagine never having found a body at all.  Not ever knowing what happened to your child and only having to accept the fact that he’s never coming back.  I also have to wonder how his disappearance was explained by these dumb asses on Monday.  Like Trevor doesn’t come back to work and is gone for days and no one wonders anything. And so how did it come to pass that he was pronounced as deceased.  There was no body and we assume none of these guys ever said anything else about that night.   I`m curious  to see a little more of what happened in the days following his death and maybe if the remaining two douchebags who left Trevor to rot will ever be held accountable for their actions.  I don’t care how long it’s been a crime… they should be held responsible.  Both of them.
  8. And you and me are free to be you and me. I love a good love story.  I mean who doesn’t.  Especially one with a slow burn.  Look, I thought Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler were the slowest of slow burns… hell we are still waiting after two freaking decades for someone to kiss the other. Give into the temptation, Bensler!  But this love burns them all… with these two having to wait over 200 damn years to tell the other how they feel about each other.  While we don’t know how Nigel perceives his sexuality (he did have a tryst with a fellow British officer ghost), we know that Issac has struggled internally with coming to terms with his queerness.  And I don’t believe that just because he’s confessed his feelings for Nigel that he is at peace with who he is just yet.  He’s almost there, but I’d love for him to actually explore what it means to be queer, especially from when he is coming.  There is something powerful about saying who you are out loud and embracing who you are.  I’d love for next season to end with him actually coming out, not just admitting a crush on someone. 
  9. It’s good to be alive right about now.  It would be good to explore both their families a little further.  In episode 7, we met Jay’s sister, Bela, who is now the only one besides Jay who knows about what Sam can do.  It would be cool to have her come back, especially since she’s taken an interest in Sam’s ability and sort of grew fond of Trevor.  Let’s just hope she’s not as thirsty as she was before. Good Lord! I’d also like to explore Sam’s ancestry since she is genetically tied to Hetty.  Through which parent is she related to the Woodstones?  What happened to her father?  I presume that he too might be deceased unless the Woodstone blood runs via her mother which would explain how she came to be in the possession of the estate if her father might still be alive.  And of course, I want to explore Sam and Jay’s marriage a little more.  I think we can all agree that Jay is the husband prototype, but all marriages have challenges and it’s a little hard to believe that it’s always going to be smooth sailing for these two. Sas and Alberta love drama… let’s give them something to talk about.  I’d love to get to know more of the ghost’s surviving family as well. Obviously it might be a little trickier for the older ghosts. Well, maybe not since there are so many of those ancestry tests that can go all the way back. This would be a great way to have more fantastic guest stars. Alberta’s great great great niece comes to stay to research her ancestor of whom she just found out was a singer during the Harlem Renaissance. A descendent of Isaac comes to study his ancestor’s role in the American Revolution. Trevor’s parents are finally able to come pay tribute to the place where their son lost his life. This would be another great way to explore the backstory of the ghosts in perhaps a more intimate way. Let’s also get to really know more about the Farnsbys.  They are the worst in that they come across as friendly but from the jump they were mostly noisy and thought they could use their age, their money, and their prestige in the community as leverage against two young people just trying to make sense of their new lives.  Since the finale ended with Sam and Jay winning by default against the self-proclaimed Pickleball Senior Champs, I’d be interested if these two low lives start slinking around the B&B, trying to sabotage business at every opportunity, claiming that Sam and Jay cheated or that they demand a rematch.  We haven’t seen the last of these two dumb dumbs.
  10. Well G– damn, you got me in love again. So it’s not just Issac who’s been bitten by the love bug. In fact, love seems to be in the air at the Woodstone Mansion, as Pete has admitted his feelings for Alberta, and Flower figures out how to make things work with Thor and only Thor. I love how Ghosts has introduced the possibility of finding love in the afterlife, that even after you leave your body behind, your soul can still find a connection with another. Furthermore, these potential couples couldn’t be more different. Not only do they come from a different time in history and had different experiences in life, but their personalities are complete opposites (insert “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul here). I’m excited to see how the writers bring these souls together. Will Alberta allow herself to fall for a nerdy, nice guy? Will Flower ever work through her intimacy issues so that she can grow closer to Thor? Is age really nothing but a number? (insert Aaliyah song here) Hopefully, we will all find out soon!

Well friends, that’s it. There is so much room for more stories next season, and I can’t wait to see what the showrunners and the writers room do to impress us even more so than they already have.  This show has the potential to be a classic.  Let’s hope the stories they decide to tell help thrust it into that stratosphere., CBS

What stories are you hoping Ghosts will tell next?  While you ponder the possibilities, you can re watch all episodes of season 1 On Demand or stream them on Paramount +.  Until next time, stay earthbound my friends.  

Song references used in this blog:

  1. It’s My Time– Kelly Price
  2. Shattered Dreams– Johnny Hates Jazz
  3. Mama’s Broken Heart– Miranda Lambert
  4. Sunflower– Post Malone
  5. Who Tells Your Story– The Roots
  6. Solider-Gavin DeGraw
  7. Centuries– Fall Out Boy
  8. Free to Be…You and Me– Sarah Bareilles
  9. Good to Be Alive– Andy Grammer
  10. Love Again– Dua Lipa

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