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We Got Orders!

Wouldn’t you like to work a little closer to home?
Actually I would!
Well I propose the Potomic… (“The Room Where It Happens”, Miranda, 2015).

If you are not familiar with military life, allow me to give you quick insight.  One moment, you live here… the next you live there… and the next you live all the way out there in East Jesus Nowhere, USA, etc… etc… etc… .  The moving from place to place can be exhausting but overall, it is a wonderfully rewarding and awesome experience.  One learns to be quite resourceful, open-minded, resilient, and organized when you must pack up and move every few years.  A “normal” army duty assignments lasts about three years, so for all my friends pinpointing the many moves I’ve done both in and outside the Army, it could be said that Hold up, Robin.  It’s only been about 2 years since you moved back stateside!  It’s too soon for another move!  But I will match your “hold up” with my own “wait a minute.”  Don’t you know that God moves when He wants to.  And don’t you know that it’s really about time.  Colorado is beautiful but personally, it has been a place where we have experienced lot A LOT of challenges, and I reckon it’s about time we move right along.

And so Ladies and Gents, I humbly, most humbly, announce our next adventure.  Some of you might already be aware so shhhh!!!!  If you paid attention to my intro, you could probably guess a bit (I told you that Hammy Hams sneaks his way into all my posts…my inspiration, he is!)  This is a place close to home for me.  It’s a place that screams history.  It’s a place pregnant with culture, diversity, and excitement.  It’s a place that can be transforming for many.  And some may say that it’s a place that belongs to not one, but two states.  When Norman first joined the Army, I asked him what the likelihood was that we could be stationed here.  Once he became more familiar with Army culture, he responded that it would be very difficult; that only those of merit and with rank could ever be stationed there and to simply forget the idea.  I complied.

But…there’s a reason why they say “never say never!”  When God has preordained something, it’s destined to happen.  And so, friends, it is my privilege to announce where the Davis Family will be heading next.  Arriving in June 2018:

Washington Dc skyline (1)

You guys!  I don’t think you understand how GEEKED I am about this move.  I love the city, and it has always been a dream to be able to live in one.  I know it’s not the most ideal place to raise children, but what an opportunity for us to explore our nation’s history.  To be in the center of everything!  I am such a nerd and with Noah following in my footsteps, we will have a field day exploring all that D.C. has to offer!  We will be close to family so now, when Norman and I want to have some alone time… real alone time…we can! (I’m looking at you, Mom!)  And with all the inspiration that I know D.C. will have in store, it is my prayer that I will finally have the chance (and time) to start my novel.  Job opportunities will be endless, and with it’s proximity to Philadelphia and NYC, exciting road trips will be a real possibility!

I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had in Colorado.  It’s safe to say that I’ve done a lot of growing here.  I rediscovered my passion for writing here and that has really helped me rediscover myself and my purpose.  I am beyond ready for Washington D.C.  The question is:  Is D.C. ready for me?


I envision many a lunch/writing date with my boy A.H.


1 thought on “We Got Orders!”

  1. Wow Robin you are getting closer to home welcome back to the east coast. Mom must be thrilled. Hope we can all get togethet. Safe travels love ya. Mrs. D.


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